Declaration of Referendum Result Longhope NDP

At the parish referendum on Thursday 15th February, the Longhope Neighbourhood Development Plan was approved by 333 votes to 33.  Further details of the plan can be found below.


Planning Applications

The parish council receives regular links from the Forest of Dean District Council to planning applications for sites within the parish, and a monthly summary is produced:

Planning Report May 2019

Planning Report April 2019


Planning Report March 2019

Planning Report February 2019

Planning Report January 2019

Planning Report December 2018

Planning Report November 2018

Planning Report October 2018

Planning Report September 2018

Planning Report August 2018

Planning Report July 2018

Planning Report June 2018

Planning Report May 2018

Planning Report April 2018

Planning Report March 2018

Planning Report February 2018

Planning Report January 2018

Planning Report December 2017

Planning Report November 2017

Planning Report October 2017

Planning Report September 2017

Planning Report August 2017

Planning Report July 2017

Planning Report June 2017

Planning Report May 2017

Planning Report April 2017

Planning Report March 2017

Planning Report February 2017

Planning Report January 2017

Planning Report November 2016


Individual applications

Please see below links to individual applications for premises licensing as well as land-use planning permission

P0745/19/TPO tree works at The Old Rectory School Lane

P0744/19/TCA tree removal at The Old Rectory School Lane

P0512/19/FUL extension at Latchen Crest, Latchen

Licensing application for Longhope Pavilion

P0455/19/FUL extension at The Croft, The Latchen

P0408/19/FUL fence and footpath diversion at Nags Head Cottages

P0348/19/FUL extension at High Meadows Yartleton Lane

P0327/19/TCA cherry tree removal at 6 The Orchards

P0325/19/FUL new porch at Springfield House Station Lane

P0320/19/FUL stable block at The Springs Barrel Lane

P0277/19/FUL stable block at Hazelwood Velthouse Lane

P0230/19/FUL extension at Uwanna Hopes Hill

P0033/19/DISCON discharge of conditions at Chessgrove Farm

P0028/19/DISCON discharge of conditions at Brook Farm

P0027/19/DISCON revision to lighting & diversity conditions for Brook Farm

P0007/19/FUL annexe at Four Seasons View Church Road



P1604/18/FUL revised plans for Dursley Cross House

P1996/18/TCA tree works at Walk House Church Road

P1872/18/FUL fencing at Nags Head car park

P1604/18/FUL revised plans for extension at Dursley Cross House

P1804/18/FUL stable at The Elms Dursley Cross

P1792/18/LBC barn conversion at Brook Farm Monmouth Road

P1791/18/FUL barn conversion at Brook Farm Monmouth Road

P1687/18/TCA Longhope parish application for village tree works

P1629/18/FUL steel frame building at Lane Farm

P1604/18/FUL extension at Dursley Cross House

P0120/18/DISCON discharge of conditions for May Hill reservoir

P0788/18/FUL further revised plans Marshes Farm barn change of use to residential

P1088/18/FUL revised plans for replacement dwelling at 1 The Cottage The Slad

P1227/18/FUL kerb lowering at 4 Church Road

P1093/18/FUL variation of conditions at Highbank Barn, Monmouth Road

P1305/18/TCA fell two trees at Pound Cottage, The Latchen

P1243/18/AG steel frame building at Lane Farm, Little London

P1092/18/FUL variation of conditions at The Maples Monmouth Road

P1273/18/TCA fell tree at Pound House, The Latchen

P1217/18/HED removal of hedge at Sterrys Lane for pipe work

P1118/18/FUL balcony and rear door at the Latchen Room

P0788/18/FUL revised plans Marshes Farm barn change of use to residential

P0471/17/FUL revised plans 23 houses for School Lane

P1088/18/FUL replacement dwelling at 1 The Cottage The Slad

P1054/18/FUL agricultural buildings at Chessgrove Farm

P0998/18/OUT outline application for commercial development Richard Read Transport

P1307/17/FUL one new dwelling off Old Monmouth Road.doc

P0977/18/FUL extension at Dursley Cross Cottage

P0941/18/FUL extension at Chessgrove Hill Cottage

P0069/18/DISCON discharge of planning conditions at Nags Head Inn

P0739/18/FUL detached dwelling at Belmont Cottage Old Hill

P0572/18/FUL extension at Gwynfa Little London

P0461/18/FUL change of use at Nags Head Inn

P0415/18/FUL change of land use for May Hill reservoir

P0370/18/FUL extension to Luxley, Barrel Lane

P0471/17/FUL revised plans for 28 houses at School Lane

P0104/18/FUL revised plans for an extension to Wyvern, Church Road

P0311/18/TCA tree surgery at 2 Old Vicarage Church Road

P0306/18/FUL extension at Ridgeville Sterrys Lane

P0266/18/FUL Extension at Sorrento Chessgrove Lane

P0985/17/FUL amended description for Blakemore Park

P0471/17/FUL revised plans for 28 houses at School Lane

P0128/18/FUL residential conversion at rear of Central Stores

P0104/18/FUL extension to Wyvern, Church Road

P0095/18/HED removal of hedge by May Hill distribution reservoir



P1972/17/FUL detached dwelling at Barn Farm off Mill Lane

P0985/17/FUL revised plans for log cabins at Blakemore Park

P1945/17/TCA tree surgery at Shirelle Old Hill

P1907/17/FUL retention of mobile home at Purlieu Farm

P1853/17/FUL removal of planning condition at Upper Boxbush Farm

P1752/17/FUL barn conversion at The Nest Chessgrove Lane

P1748/17/LBC listed building barn conversion at Brook Farm

P1747/17/FUL barn conversion at Brook Farm

P1742/17/AG erection of a steel portal framed building at Chessgrove Farm

P1712/17/FUL demolition of former postal sorting office

P0096/17/DISCON discharge of planning conditions at Magnolia House The Slad

P1695/17/TCA tree surgery at Merlindene Old Monmouth Road

P1598/17/TE proposal for a new radio mast at Court Farm Church Lane

P1544/17/FUL extension at Lynden Lea Chessgrove Lane

P1468/17/FUL change of use of land at Chessgrove Cottage

P1437/17/FUL extension at The Dials Ross Road

P0076/17/DISCON discharge of planning conditions at Blakemore Park

P1307/17/FUL two new dwellings off Old Monmouth Road

P1199/17/FUL new greenhouse and oil tank at Court Leet, Church Road

P1191/17/FUL change of use at Unit 21 Harts Barn

P1133/17/FUL loft conversion at San Remo, Folly Lane

P1093/17/TCA tree surgery at Court Leet, Church Road

P0985/17/FUL 60 log cabins at Blakemore Park

P0970/17/FUL extension at High Meadows, Yartleton Lane

P0693/17/FUL erection of a new garage at Mernoch, Old Hill

P0595/17/FUL extension at Hazeldene, Old Hill

P0039/17/DISCON discharge of planning conditions at Court Farm

P0471/17/FUL 28 houses for School Lane

P0385/17/TCA tree surgery at 4 The Napping

P0307/17/FUL garage conversion at 2 Bathams Close

P0305/17/FUL building extensions at San Remo, Folly Lane

P0222/17/AG steel frame portal at Durla Barn

P0247/17/TCA tree surgery at Wyvern, Church Road

P1787/16/TE monopole on land off Hobbs Lane

P0057/17/FUL variation of conditions at Knapp House Barn

P0056/17/FUL variation of conditions at Knapp House Barn

P0054/17/TCA tree removal at Knapp House, Monmouth Road



P1739/16/FUL Conservatory at Holly Tree House, Nupend Lane

P1712/16/FUL New dwelling at the Mill House, Mill Lane

P1624/16/FUL extension to Laburnum Cottage

P1582/16/FUL additional log cabins at Dick Whittington Farm Park

P1530/16/FUL Barn conversion at The Nest, Chessgrove Lane

P1494/16/FUL New Dwelling at Kingford, Napping Lane

P1472/16/FUL Extension to Perry Barn, Mill Lane

P1481/16/TCA Tree felling at West View, Church Road


Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Localism Act 2011 allows parish councils in England to produce neighbourhood development plans that supplement other planning policies with more local information. Here is the final version of the plan for Longhope and supporting documents.  The public referendum on the plan will take place on Thursday 15th February 2018.

Longhope Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan


Longhope NDP Consultation Document

Longhope NDP Basic conditions Statement

Longhope NDP Evidence base

Longhope NDP Map1 Allocations Plan

Longhope NDP Map2 Parish Boundary

Longhope NDP Map3 DSB changes


Here also is the report of the external examiner:

Longhope Neighbourhood Development Plan – Examiner’s report